A Talk With Angeles Arrien

On April 2, 2002 this radio show was launch on 88.7fm, WICR, and John Robbins was my first guest (The Food Revolution). This Sunday we celebrate 15 years of Bringing Love to Life, one broadcast at a time! There were not  many shows like this on radio stations at that time and internet radio wasn’t as easily accessible as it is today.
On this week’s show, a replay of my interview with the great Angeles Arrien. This interview originally aired September 18, 2010. Sadly, Angeles made her transition from this world to the next on April 24, 2014. People from around the world still miss her kindness, her wise counsel, and her full, open, clear, and strong heart. Dr. Arrien’s research and teaching focused on values shared by humanity cross-culturally, and on the integration and application of multi-cultural wisdoms in contemporary settings.
Love is on the air this Sunday at Noon EST on 88.7FM and worldwide at www.richardbrendan.org  and www.walkthetalk.com.
Be sure to visit www.angelesarrien.com

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