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Two Visionaries with One Mission: Let’s all Walk the Talk!

What makes us tick?

Fair question, considering what’s at stake here. After all, you are putting your trust in two people who you’ve never met, to provide you with the tools, resources and guidance you need to take you from questions to answers in the quickest and most enjoyable way possible.  So here are our visionary’s stories, just in case you were wondering.

Introducing Steve Ross


Well, I’m well mannered, have a great disposition, and am happy to be living the life I have! My family, friends, and close relationships are the bedrock of my life. And, I did graduate from college! Not that this is so wildly important, but it did present me opportunities to learn and grow and realize what I was best at: working with people to create and manifest their visions and ideas, while at all times having fun!

See, I feel everyone has great creative ideas within them, as long as they become empowered to try. During this awesome creating process, many cool things happen: minds are opened, visions are projected, ideas are shared, art is designed, sweat happens, and in the end awesome events are created! This is what I LOVE to do!

Doing what I love, I have owned and operated 5 successful nightclubs over the last 35 years. And if there’s anything that keeps you motivated to create, it’s working in the nightclub and live music biz! With my motivated staff, our clubs constantly stayed fresh with new ideas and promotions, being as over-the-top as they could be. Awards were many including winning “Best Live Music Venue in Indianapolis” and “Best Dance Club in Indianapolis” frequently.

We also created huge outdoor events, such as The Taste of Broad Ripple, The Broad Ripple Blues Fest, and Party in the Park. These involved food, beverages, live music and lots of interaction! (The biggest event drew 10,000 people.) Each event was a blast and just reinforced what I learned as a wee lad.  What I learned I still practice. This will be given to you (working with Richard using his awesome, creative, empowered ideas) bringing you the best interactive passionate speakers, and the coolest over-the-top events we can produce!

Introducing Richard Brendan

Richard Brendan PhotoRichard Brendan, M.A., brings love to life through his teaching, counseling and producing. He is the host and executive producer of Richard Brendan…Bringing Love to Life weekly radio program. He has been in radio for 18 years and has also been a producer/narrator for several TV projects. Often referred to as a “Social Change Artist” Brendan is also known for his visionary creativity, fiery passion and heartfelt communication skills.

He is the Founder and President of JourneysFire International. Under his direction it has become a respected leader in the Midwest, producing innovative, positive programs and special events utilizing the power and intimacy of integrating media with the arts. At the core of each project lies the primary intention to inspire and enlighten people of all ages to become more aware of how to bring love and compassion into their daily lives and communities. His inspirational speaking stirs the passion and desire for change in his audience both on and off the air, through his articulate manner of story-weaving and empathy.

Richard Brendan also has a passion for bringing love in action. He has visited Haiti numerous times, inspiring and providing for the less fortunate through his speaking and humanitarian aid, helping in relief efforts there for children and their families.