Walk the Talk: Signs & Synchronicity

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Coming June 27th, 2018, we present the topic of Signs & Synchronicity. What are signs and synchronicities? We all have had signs telling us what to do or not to do. These signs can come in simple ways, or through complex messages. Synchronicities happen the same way. For instance, just as we think of someone or something we see them or that happens! Goosebumps and synchronicities happen all the time. Signs & Synchronicity always work together! Our six speakers will share their messages and guidance on how to follow your signs and experience your synchronicities!
Doors are at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 7:45 pm.  We also have local vendors on site with products that follow our mission of well-being.  Tickets are available HERE or at the door, if it isn’t sold out.  Buy now and get a great seat.  Tickets are $15.00, and $5 for children under 11.  Seats are reserved.
With this talk, we move outside The Vogue and it will be presented at the Basile Theatre in the historic Athenaeum, downtown Indianapolis.  Our events always include live music, 6 fabulous storytellers, confetti, interactiveness, a Motivational Balloon drop (inside each balloon is a motivational phrase on topic), a cool light show, and lots of takeaways on topic!

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